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(English) Krudo’s Communiqués

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First Letter from Krudo from the Qalauma Prison

It is neither the first nor the last time that the State locks up those who spread their ideas and actions as a form of propaganda, trying to annihilate the struggle and its sympathizers at any costs, and the method they will always justify with their laws is imprisonment.

The State has its eye on movements and individuals who try to form their own struggles, and since this is “illegal” they carry out a hunt for revolutionaries.

Is it a crime to fight for one’s ideas? Until now the State is criminalizing free thought and action, and it does this in such a stupid way, manipulating society using the mass media twisting our struggle and portraying it as the worst crime, and also portraying individuals as the worst criminals, subversives and confirmed terrorists, without even carrying out a concrete investigation, just to make sure that the multitude is on its side.

Unfortunately, there is TRASH who fall into the police’s trap, testifying, accusing, inventing intrigues against others like in our case Henry, Nina and me.

We (Henry, Nina and me) were accused by Renatto Vincenti, Jeffer Vincenti and Daniel Cáceres alleging that we were participants and militants in international movements, also saying that we spread chaos and disorder, also saying that we belong to the FAI and FRI and that we receive financing for that, which is totally a lie, as Henry confirms just like me, that we’re not part of any movement, for example I prefer to consider myself an individual because I don’t believe in militancy or membership groups because people’s spontaneity is never respected, that’s why I’m expressing my rejection of the massification of thought which is what those individuals practice and it’s no novelty to me that they’ve shown their complicity with the police to save their stupid skins, and gain their freedom, and hypocritically I know that outside they’re calling for solidarity with Henry and Nina trying to do what they always did making themselves look good so that the prestige of their “revolutionary” collective (OARS) doesn’t lose its stupid reputation. Renatto Vincenti made a commitment to the police to help the investigation, giving more details, and the functionaries are believing every last word. Why does Renatto still collaborate with the police? Is it because they are “workers”? Does he feel so superior as an “anarchist” trying to disrespect the different scenes, calling them hippies? Does he want to wash his hands and testify against those he doesn’t like? The answers are obvious.

I know that Renatto goes around calling me hippy and chaos punk, oogle and everything else, does he feel superior to those who don’t think like him, in the ranks of the working class? I think it’s pathetic that this would be a game for some people, pretending to be revolutionaries in the eyes of society to try to be friends with everyone.

If I’m locked up in jail it’s because I didn’t speak against anyone and because there are a lot of declarations against me just like Henry and Nina, that’s why those who testified against us are trying to get everyone on their side. They brought me to a youth detention center (Qalauma) because they took into account the economic situation of my family which is very bad and there wasn’t the possibility to pay rent like you have to in the San Pedro jail, besides the fact that they didn’t want me to have contact with Henry since he’s there. I’m familiar with all the rumors on the outside as well as the debates and on Facebook, that they’re saying I’m in a penthouse and collaborating with the police, it makes me sad to know that people let themselves be manipulated so easily to talk shit on me without knowing my actual situation and cowardly hiding in their houses to take care of their social lives and shamelessly talk a bunch of trash, well to those people I don’t owe any explanations, I just want to clarify that my situation is complicated because I’m pretty isolated from the city and it’s even more complicated for my family because it’s not so easy for them to come visit me, and also for the true comrades who come visit me and offer me their sincere support. In this place I have too many restrictions and prohibitions with limited hours and obligatory labor.

I want to take the opportunity to say that I notice a great feeling of solidarity since in different parts of the globe and here too there are individuals who support us and who are moving things, well that’s where you notice who are really the ones who feel a true spirit of struggle and I hope they stay on their feet and not on their knees, like those who fell into the trap of the police and the State.

It’s good that they keep doing things in solidarity like pamphlets, outreach, protests, publishing, debating, since none of these acts are a crime, now more than ever we have to fight for our beliefs and not let the State criminalize our struggle, of course we don’t have to hide or show ourselves as weak in the face of repression, on the contrary we have to show strength and the great spirit of anarchy in coherence, I am grateful for the solidarity that comes from different places like Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and elsewhere. The support of my family and my comrades which despite the fact it could be dangerous to support me they never turned their backs on me.

Krudo (Mayron Mioshiro)

10 August 2012

[Note that Krudo did not yet know that Nina had made a second declaration in which she snitched on a number of people.]

Krudo’s Second Letter from Qalauma Prison in La Paz, Bolivia

Greetings comrades, still here confronting the present and obviously without lowering my head.

My intention with this communiqué is the following: to clarify some conflicts and rumors that have arisen lately with regards to my person. I believe it is already clear about the divulgations of people who went around saying that I was a police collaborator, well I already made it known that if I were a collaborator right now I would be enjoying my freedom or in house arrest, I hope this is still taken into account in a reflective way.

Regarding recent events I read some communiqués of “anarchists” that really caught my attention. First of all, at no point did I request that members of the FAI/FRI turn themselves in so I could be freed, I don’t believe that would be an anarchic attitude to request that one’s liberty begins and another’s ends. That’s what Nina and Virginia Aillon thought (those who published that the people responsible for the attacks should turn themselves in in their own “ideological” interest). In situations like these, in different parts of the world they don’t need more prisoners and they never have.

Nor did I ever say in my declaration who could be a part of the FAI/FRI (and I prefer not to have any idea who it could be) as did some others, just proposing some names and implicating people who have nothing to do with it just to save themselves.

I am still conscious of the unconditional solidarity that is being done in many parts of the world as well as right here (which I am thankful for), but there is also a part that I reject in its totality, which are the protests that “Nina’s people” carry out on the 9th, 19th and 29th of every month in solidarity with Henry and Nina for their freedom and innocence, they will note that they do not include me because these people believe that I am guilty of the attacks we are accused of, and that they don’t know me and don’t have to solidarize with me, and saying that everyone takes care of their own prisoner.

Is it that they think that for being the supposed “guilty” party I should rot in jail and there not be any solidarity with someone like me? This makes me think seriously that it is difficult to believe that that struggle is for total liberation.

On the other hand, when they grabbed me I had a lawyer who rather than helping me disadvantaged me and made me commit mistakes. This means that in my declaration (first and only) there are some details I would like to clarify, there are questions they did not ask me and there are responses supposedly by me, they are responses without logic for example when they asked me what I did in OARS and I said: I don’t know. This makes no sense because I don’t belong to that group and I reject them completely. Had I responded to this question I would have said that I didn’t do anything because I wasn’t part of it, but they never asked me that question.

Besides that when they interrogated me they wanted me to speak against Renato and Henry and I refused, they wanted me to blame them for the attacks and I didn’t; the cops played this dirty game with many of us and I didn’t fall for it, I remember that in the car they were transporting me in they told me that Henry, Luisa, Renatto had said that I was the leader and they told me to save myself say something about them, they’re already going home. I know this was false so I stayed quiet and kept receiving a beating.

In the declaration they asked me questions in the typical arrogant manner and I responded in a confusing way for them and they put words in my mouth, in the printed declaration I supposedly said that it was Henry who incited me to participate in a protest for the 14 Chilean prisoners [of the “bombs case”] and that I handed out flyers “without knowing” what they were about when in fact I said I organized the protest and the flyers were mine. Another question which probably really bothered Henry they asked me if I knew foreigners and what relation I had with them and why, to which my response was that no, that I didn’t have their confidence, they only searched me out sometimes to play music, maybe Henry gave them my number or other people because they know I play, finally the lawyer made me sign the declaration without orienting me at all, in fact he wanted me to hurt the others to save myself, and I didn’t do it. The lawyer didn’t help me at all he only hurt me and then disappeared, the only mistake was to have signed this declaration with my words twisted and if I have to take responsibility for this I will and I’m doing it now by explaining. Thanks to the solidarity I now have a lawyer who orients me and helps me.

Today I know that Henry is bothered by this, in the beginning I explained it and it seemed like he understood but later he preferred to change his mind and label me a collaborator and traitor. Personally it hurts me since I consider Henry a real comrade. I made the decision to clarify things in this communiqué, I hope there can be a reflection about all this, because I don’t need this kind of fighting.

Another thing that bothers me and makes me indignant are the rumors circulating about me, I ask the people to have the decency to come and say it to my face, they’ve been saying that I’m not in for the charge of terrorism and attempted murder, but for some other crime. And that I gave Henry’s address, when Henry gave his own address. Or that I should be in San Pedro jail and it doesn’t matter if I’m a minor, I ask that they take their time to find out about the functioning of the jails enough rumors they don’t help my situation at all. It’s already hard enough.

Hoping that this communiqué will serve for reflection and showing that I am still on my feet I say goodbye with a strong breath for all the imprisoned comrades around the world, salud!

From Qalauma prison community section.

Mayron Gutiérrez (el Krudo), Anarchist Punk, 8 November 2012.

Letter from Krudo for the Week of Agitation

I’ll start by saying that despite all the shit I’m going through with my imprisonment, I’m completely happy because I know that lots of people are doing things so we can breathe the beautiful air of solidarity (and I don’t mean it in the Christian sense but in the sense of struggling for all the prisoners) I am happy to know that this great connection we proudly call punk is propagating and infecting this virus of ours, this enraged, noisy, and vengeful virus.

In this way I want to express my darkest feelings of hate towards those who put me and who put us behind bars, and for those who did not doubt in turning me in to the disgusting keeping of power, for those false critics of this uncertain reality, that society which distances itself from dignity and defends reform. With a desire to destroy this established order that tries to annihilate us.

We are the black fire that shows itself between the cracks of the holocaust, of a civilization infested with routine corpses. That’s how I feel and today I know I am not alone, in fact I am very well accompanied, enjoying this unconditional support and the complicity between punks.

I am up to date on all the activities that are being done to send me the strength I need in my day to day.

I also saw images of the posters, paintings, stickers, and more. I am totally grateful for all of this and happy because I still have comrades at my side.

A comrade already said it, the punx are here, not everyone but those of us who remain, showing once more that we punx infest the present with bravery.

Knowing about the week of agitation, I send these sincere and combative words and saying that I am staying firm and in resistance. Also sending the warmest strength for all those individuals in solidarity with the prisoners and obviously for all the prisoners who are resisting behind bars. I say goodbye with joy and also the rage I feel in the present conflict.

Krudo Basura, from Qalauma prison, 1 December 2012

The Rehabilitation Centers

Look around you, there’s nothing but restrictions, bars, and high walls all around, police surveilling the slightest movement of those who without alternatives remain here. You can only see the bustle of the authorities, making us form up in a line that demonstrates an involuntary subordination. Shout your number because now you are just a number and your name was left behind on some document, because now you’re just that, they want to be able to manage you like a robot, program you so you obey and if you don’t, they get rid of you sending you to a worse place. Their reform is nothing more than the imposition of living how they want you to live. The most injurious excuse, the most convincing, is their “social reinsertion,” that which in the most hypocritical way makes it look like a beautiful method and place, where the oppressed are “changing” seeing their lives in a different way and life does change but because now you are prohibited from returning to your previous life, that life you loved, that life that was questioned by those who defend their social interests, their reform only tries to fit your life into an annihilating system, preparing you when you get out (if you get out) to be just another trained mule.

A “rehabilitation center” is most like a prison, the only difference is that the existing condition [in the rehabilitation center] is great, the condition being that if you won’t be “one more” they’ll condemn your life to imprisonment [given that in the rehabilitation centers, unlike in the prisons in Bolivia, you get released early for good behavior, it seems that Krudo is referring to the pressure to behave that exists in the former.]

Their rehabilitation consists in giving you one damn hour of outdoor time a day? Well I should clarify that I am prohibited from going into the yard for more than this hour and really it’s too frustrating. Well recently I suffered an “attack” to put it one way of nerves, anxiety, and anger that made me demonstrate an intolerant attitude that not even I recognized in myself.

Today I’m just one more bearing the routine of this disgusting place and hate, desperation, anxiety, and frustration are brewing in me. I can’t do anything else but wake up at 7:00 in the morning to form up and shout my number and go to breakfast, the same as always! go back to the cell to clean up and get ready for “education in workshops” in which you are observed by false critics and measured whether you’re apt for serving the system. And the mistakes will go on their black list. Continue the same, form up, form up for lunch and dinner and to sleep. Form up! Form up! Form up!

It is difficult to put up with this monotony that tires and suffocates you, but I decided to resist this present like I also decided to resist their rehabilitation, even though I have no alternative to obeying rules and norms, but since it is my position we know it won’t do them any good.

Being in a place like this is to resign yourself to making your life a memory, but the more controlled, the more angry I feel. Because in the shadow of the established is the small but strong flame of hatred. The repugnant jail that forces you to “change” is the clear example that the system has failures, and these failures are those of us who remain, those irreparable mistakes, resistant and ready to keep on failing.

Do they believe they will rehabiliatate? Do they believe I will serve their society any more?

Do they believe that freedom is won on their conditions? I can only say that the more they believe they are well intentioned the more misanthropy will grow in our hearts.

With this in mind, I could see more tricks of the system, it screwed me, but I’m not trying to victimize myself, I am not a victim! Today I learned that staying strong worries those who try to annihilate us (the lackeys of the system)

Hoping that this serves in some way to spark reflection, debate, and tension about “rehabilitation and social reinsertion” (bullshit) I say goodbye with a big greeting to those who persist in the face of power and did not doubt in showing solidarity in our case or with all the prisoners on the planet. Also thanking from the bottom of my heart all the solidarity initiatives.

Health, punk and anarchy

Krudo anarchist punk 26 January 2013

Surveilled, Persecuted, Repressed, Kidnapped, and Imprisoned

Words that carry the essence of imprisonment and the criminalization of free thought and the solidarity that is a priority in the struggle for total liberation. It is the attempt to suppress the individuals who struggle, so that they will be servile to the destroying system.

Today kidnapped by the state waiting to be free tomorrow, locked up for “fitting a criminal profile” and if that weren’t enough victims of the snitching of the reinserted and repentant turned into collaborators.

But we won’t allow this to continue, and we will recover the conflict, solidarizing, acting, corrupting and heading towards the freedom of all prisoners. Because no wall will ever enclose our dreams.

As long as no one is free we are all prisoners!

While misery exists there will be rebellion!

Prisoners to the streets! Consequential solidarity!

Krudo anarchist punk 17 February 2013

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Video informativo sobre Mayron Mioshyro Gutierrez

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Actualización del compañero Krudo

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En relación al caso judicial del compañero, se ha estado esperando más o menos 2 meses para que llamaran a los testigos a declarar y para una nueva audiencia pidiendo el arresto domiciliario, no nos asombra enterarnos que la lista de testigos que se ha presentado para desvincular al compañero de las acciones directas incendiarias, suscitadas en octubre 2011 a mayo 2012, ha sido archivada bajo una gran pila de papeles.

Misteriosamente las carpetas de investigación no han estado a disponibilidad en el juzgado para la abogada, familiares y compañerxs, y claro, con una serie de absurdas excusas de parte de los funcionarixs.

Pero no nos sorprende que estén atrasando y guardando todo, así consiguiendo tener más tiempo secuestrado al compañero.

Estamos a la espera de la 3ra audiencia, y de que llamen a lxs testigxs.

Fuerza a Krudo! Y a todxs lxs presxs!!!

Abajo todas las cárceles, físicas y mentales!

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La Paz, Bolivia. 2do Planton en solidaridad con Krudo.

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